Consultation on Volunteering in Lithuania: We need your help!

The Tiltas Trust (TTT) has been working with Lithuanian volunteer organisations for almost 6 years. The Trustees have been impressed with the dedication of its partner organisations’ volunteers and the imagination they display in achieving amazing results, often with meagre resources and under-developed structures.

TTT is based in the UK where volunteering has been a way of life for the majority of the population for decades. Society in Britain would be much the poorer if it were not for inputs from millions of volunteers in all areas of life, every day of the week.

TTT was delighted that the Government of Lithuania took the initiative in 2011 to promulgate a new Law on Volunteering. This has opened the way for friends of Lithuania to help volunteer organisations improve the way they plan and manage their own volunteers. TTT believes that its help could be very prodeuctive.

Realising that our knowledge of the volunteering scene in Lithuania was drawn from anecdotal sources and was partial at best, TTT commissioned Asta Medišauskaitė, who is herself a volunteer, to do some research and write a Report for the Trust. She did this research in late 2011 and wrote up her findings in early 2012. This Report has given TTT a much clearer picture of the situation in Lithuania. However, Asta has said that this Report only represents the findings of one individual and should not be considered to be comprehensive. We have been wondering how best to use Asta‘s work.

TTT wishes to explore possible ways for British organisations with expertise in this field to make a contribution to the development of volunteering in Lithuania. We would like to use Asta‘s Report to brief UK organisations and ask for their help. However, before we do so we would like to consult more widely in Lithuania amongst the volunteer community and those with an interest in seeing volunteering develop,  to see if we can improve Asta‘s text to obtain the best possible picture.

We have placed the Report onto the TTT web-site with an open invitation to all those in Lithuania with an interest, to offer us criticism, comments and amendments to the text. This will be a kind of Wikipedia exercise. We will add suggested amendments to the text as they come in, so that contributors can see what others are saying and help to grow the final Report into a comprehensive text.

You are invited to send your views to:

We look forward to your views but we can only reflect your ideas on the web-site if you provide a suggested text, either adding to the present Report or to replace existing text.

We are looking for your contributions in the Lithuanian language only. The English language version of the text will only be updated at the end of the exercise.

All of the paragraphs are numbered to make referencing easier.

To allow us to keep a record of your contributions please use the attached form.

This exercise will close on 30 April 2013.

We think that this is an exciting innovation, enabling a very wide consultation. Your views are important to us. Please do respond.


Michael Peart

Chairman, The Tiltas Trust

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