Our Ambitions

We seek to use experience and expertise already developed in one country for the good of people in the other country. The development of our two countries throughout the 20th Century was quite different and this is reflected in social and cultural differences. Varying emphases were given to tackling a whole host of issues and solutions to problems emerged in different ways. Our membership of the European Union, the influence of the internet and experience of working and travelling in one another’s country, leads towards a desire for equality of opportunity and standards of living. If people in one country benefit from research or social practices, why should those in the other country not be given those same possibilities? This is particularly the case where the transfer of know-how can be achieved with little or no cost. TTT believes that our common humanity should lead us to share benefits.

Therefore, we seek areas of expertise from one country that can be shared to the benefit of peoples in the other country. The description of our Projects explains the areas in which we have done some work. We believe there are many other potential areas of exchange.

Our ambitions are limited by the time available to the Trustees and our financial resources.