Megan’s book

TTT discovered an inspirational book written by a girl of 14 years who had been through chemotherapy for her cancer. It had been published by the childhood cancer charity CLIC Sargent. Having established that there was no similar book available for young cancer patients in Lithuania, TTT got permission for it to be translated and published in Lithuania.

Chemoterapy, Cakes and Cancer [PDF, 2 MB].
(An A to Z survival guide for living with childhood cancer)
By Megan Blunt (Aged 14)

Chemoterapija, pyragaičiai ir vėžys Chemoterapija, pyragaičiai ir vėžys [PDF, 4MB]
(nuo A iki Z – išgyvenimo vadovas vėžiu sergantiems vaikams)
Autorė: Megan Blunt (14 metų)